Thank you so much to the Flathead Valley Animal Shelter for helping us get the word out about three beautiful dogs who need a forever home — and who have a lot of love to share. These are all great dogs. Help spread the word!

From Flathead Valley Animal Shelter:

“I met these two incredible women while my friend and I spent a few days in East Glacier last weekend. Linda Chase, owner of Brownies Hostel & Bakery, and Jennifer Williams, Manager of Brownies Hostel & Bakery, provide foster care for stray dogs that are abandoned in the East Glacier area. They provide these dogs with food, vet care, housing, etc. She has traveled to Great Falls and Cut Bank to interview potential adopters. They are in need of help in getting the word out about the dogs they are helping to locate forever homes for. During the summer, these women work over 12 hours a day and yet have the time, energy, money and love to help stray dogs in their community. While standing outside of Brownies, I met Charlie and Chester. They are very sweet and well socialized large dogs….maybe, Portuguese Water Dogs? Charlie and Chester are thought to be about 4 years old. The smaller brown and white dog is named Brownie, also a male…maybe Australian Shepherd mix?”

If you can help find loving homes for these stray boys, please contact : 406-226-4426.

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